Art and Illustration Events – Üretimhane

Nowadays, we have a lot of time to spend at home. So, we would like to share with you activities and workshops related to picture books, art, and illustration which you can participate online.

This week’s pick is Üretimhane

Üretimhane; an independent platform, designs workshops and events on art and culture and supports ideas and projects in creative fields.

Üretimhane, which is a polyphonic, participatory area that goes beyond the traditional discipline boundaries; futures various workshops, trainings, discussions, talks, exhibitions. It also provides a workshop setup for independent creators.

In the past few months there were various art, illustration and painting events conducted at Üretimhane and during the Covid period the workshops are done online.

Üretimhane is working on extending their event offerings based on their new partnerships.

You can reach further information on workshops on their site.

We thank Ömer and Yeşim and wish them good luck.