Children’s Books as an ‘‘Extraordinary Experience’’

Kitap Okuyan Çocuklar

The first interaction of a child with literature starts with a book an adult chooses for them. Good literature, when combined with quality visuals, occupies an important place in a child’s memory throughout her life. Today, children’s books aim to give the reader an extraordinary and artistic experience.

Over the past ten years, with the rapid development of science and technology, children’s literature has also reached another peak. The quality of the narrative and the visual language of these new types of books, which are coming up among extremely powerful media channels of today, is quite high. Consequently; picturebooks are now preferred not only for children but also for all age groups. Today, we encounter adult readers who buy children’s picture books for their own consumption.

In recent years, Turkey has a strong momentum in this direction. Both readers and publishing houses view children’s books in a different light.

So how do we know when we come across a quality children’s book? We have listed for you below…

These Books are;

1- Appealing to adults as well as children and young adults in terms of its subject matter and its literary and artistic approach.

2- Readable at different levels (bearing items that can be interpreted differently by age group)

3- Containing elements of both emotion and intelligence

4- Having an original and free perspective

5- Semantically strong and creative

6- Aesthetically strong

7- Containing an emotion & idea & style

8- Making a difference in terms of design

9- Suggesting different perspectives to the reader

10- These are books that offer perspectives that can create new horizons in children’s and young adult literature.

11- These books refrain from imposing their own ideas to the reader; yet rather provide suggestions and leave the final decision to the reader.

When all these qualities that a qualified and contemporary children’s book should meet come together; it enables the child (and the adult) to enjoy children’s books at its peak, to move towards higher quality reading & visualisation, and to develop original and free perspectives.

All these features that a qualified and contemporary children’s book meets; It enables the child (and the adult) to enjoy children’s books at the highest level, to tend towards higher quality reading-seeing styles, and to develop original and free perspectives.

We look forward to meeting you again soon with of our new articles on child/youth literature and contemporary illustration.

See you later!



“Children’s book week, November 15th to 20th 1920. More books in the home!” by Boston Public Library is licensed under CC BY 2.0