Illustrators Platform – Training and Academy Committee Workshop

Today, we wanted to introduce to you the Illustrators Platform and give information about the Training and Academy Committee Workshop.

Illustrators Platform and Training & Academy Committee Workshop

Illustrators platform, founded to increase visibility of Turkish illustrators nationally and internationally and to support their growth, is working to create a uniqe space for illustration in Turkey. ¨Training & Academy Committee¨ chaired by artist and academician Prof. Dr. Nazlı Eda Noyan will run its workshop on ¨illustration education and the role of academia in development of illustration¨ on 17th of December between 16:30 and 19:30.

Eda Noyan Gölge Oyunu

The main goal of the series of workshops, which will progress with different committee meetings, is to improve professional definitions, professional standards, legal rights and commercial practices of the field in Turkey. This workshop will raise awareness of both the employer and the employee on the legal and professional rights of illustrators, and will raise awareness among sectors.

You can request to be a part of the Illustrators Platform via the below link:


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